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The Cheapest and Most Expensive Places to Rent in the UK

Rent Guarantor Jul 15, 2020

It might feel like you don’t have much of a choice where you rent because of your budget. Well if money is a restraint for you let’s see where to avoid and where to find the cheapest rentals. If not, then London might be for you.

Let’s start with the bad news...the most expensive. Of course rental costs vary across the country but also within cities, districts, and boroughs. Unsurprisingly London is the most expensive but like anywhere it has its anomalies. In Westminster you’re looking at £2167.34 per month in a two bed, whereas in Bromley, you can have a four bed for £408.38 each. 

Here’s a list of the most expensive (p/m) places in descending order in the UK:

  1. London £728
  2. Brighton £647
  3. Oxford £577
  4. Cambridge £564
  5. Edinburgh £563
  6. Glasgow £558
  7. Bristol £543
  8. Aberdeen £528
  9. Cardiff £516
  10. Manchester £491

Enough expensive, let’s talk cheap. The winner is Northern Ireland with five places in the top ten for cheapest rentals. South Shields, England takes the individual crown followed by Craigavon, Northern Ireland and Bangor, Wales. 

These are the top 10 cheapest (p/m) places to rent in the UK:

  1. South Shields £300
  2. Craigavon £306
  3. Bangor £307
  4. Londonderry £309
  5. Lisburn £310
  6. Belfast £312
  7. Sunderland £319
  8. Hartlepool £320
  9. Newtown AB £321
  10. Dewsbury £ 323

These locations are concentrated in Northern Ireland and North East England so it may not be possible to consider these options. Jump online or go to a local estate agent to find the best deal in your area. Wherever you look to settle a guarantor is generally required and can be found at Rent Guarantor. When it comes to spending it may be helpful to look further than the monthly rent. The average wage and costs in the area will vary greatly and although you might look to spend less on accommodation you may also find you’re earning less as a result.

Everyone has their own unique circumstances so research each place before settling to see which best fits your circumstance. Don’t take the rental costs at face value. Yes, renting costs in the south of the UK are higher but so too are the wages. Armed with this knowledge we hope you can make an informed decision where you will rent next!

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