Rent Guarantor working with UK Universities.

Throughout the UK Universities are turning to Rent Guarantor to help secure tenancies in both halls and in the private rental sector for both overseas and UK students.

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How we help?

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Easy Applications

All tenants are entitled to make an obligation free application to RentGuarantor. A decision can be provided within 24-hours for applications where all the necessary documentation is supplied at the time of applying.

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Cost of service

The cost of a guarantor is relative to the amount of rent we are guaranteeing. Typically this is between 3 – 4 weeks rent an exact quote shall be provided on application. If you’re not ready to make an application, you can get an estimate by using our Quick Quote calculator.

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Assisting Tenants

RentGuarantor seeks to keep every tenant within the tenancy for the full term, creating a stable and secure environment for tenants. If a tenant falls into rent arrears, as the guarantor we will communicate with both tenant and landlord to assist in making sure that the tenant remains legally compliant, and where possible protected from eviction. Eviction is always the last resort.

Partnerships with Universities

RentGuarantor will provide support and training to universities and their housing teams who are entering a partnership agreement to ensure that the highest quality of service is provided equally and fairly to all potential RentGuarantor applicants. Support material is available for partners, landlords and tenants.

RentGuarantor are insurance backed for any rent arrears and eviction cost, ensuring your are protected against losses. We are also GDPR & Tenant Fee Ban compliant, as per Trading Standards UK.

Agreeing a partnership with RentGuarantor is simple and fast, however to provide a service of excellence, all partners will be required to complete a memorandum of understanding (MOU).This document is a non-binding document, which is co-written, and allows for a framework to exist which is mutually beneficial to the parties.

As part of this MOU agreement RentGuarantor will support the partnership with a Rent Guarantor relationship manager who will provide a full professional service to your agency.

Enquire about a partnership with RentGuarantor

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Managing & Evaluating a Partnership

Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager

When a partnership agreement commences, we will allocate a RentGuarantor relationship manager to liaise and support you and your colleagues for the term of the MOU.

Locating Properties

Locating Properties

The role of the relationship manager will also extend to working with letting agents and landlords in the local area to educate and help source housing stock ahead of the demand.

Statistical Information

Statistical Information

We can provide your local authority with regular statistical information to assist when writing internal reports. These statistics shall be fully GDPR compliant as they do not contain any personal identifiable data.