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Students Moving on from 1st Year Accommodation: Things to Think About

Rent Guarantor Aug 05, 2020

You have finished your first year of University and now need to work out what your next steps are. Have you made friends you now want to live with? Would you rather live on your own? Will you be staying within student accommodation or deciding to rent privately? There are all questions you need to ask yourself when making such an important decision. Not just this but there are the more practical things that you will need to think about such as:


Most first year accommodations will offer the rooms and communal areas already furnished meaning all you’ve needed to do is bring the soft furnishings. However, this may not be the case in your next home. It may be expected of you to buy your own furniture, especially if it is a long-term let.

Always ensure that when you are going on viewings that you ask the Landlord/Estate Agent what furnishings are included in the property and what you will need to provide for yourself. This includes whether all bills and extras such as a TV licence would be included or your own responsibility as the tenant.

Shared Tenancy Agreements?

When you first go to University and usually stay in the recommended on-campus halls it’s a no brainer that it will only be yourself on your tenancy agreement with your Landlord/Letting Agent. However, when you are choosing to move away from this type of accommodation there is a chance that if you are sharing then you will actually be signing a shared tenancy agreement. This would mean that if someone you were living with failed to pay your rent, then you are also liable for the missing amount.

When moving from your first-year accommodation always ensure that you read your new tenancy agreement thoroughly before signing and ask any questions about any point you are unsure of.

Points of Contact?

With most first year accommodation it is likely there is a manned reception you can visit most days if you are having any problems or need to ask any questions. However, with most alternative accommodation this will not be the case. When you are viewing a property ensure you aren’t afraid to ask who you would contact in a case of emergency and who is responsible for the admin and maintenance necessary for the property. It is definitely a reasonable question to ask and you shouldn’t let anyone make you think otherwise.


You may not have had to have a Guarantor for your first-year accommodation and if you did it is unlikely, they had to meet the usual strict criteria you could expect when renting privately. However, you will need to check with your new Landlord/Estate Agent regarding the criteria for your Guarantor. 

However, do not fret if your previous Guarantor does not meet the criteria as you have other options. Companies, such as RentGuarantor, may be able to act as your Guarantor subject to a short application process. However, you will need to check with your specific Estate Agent/Landlord as to whether they will accept your company.

Overall, there are some questions you need to ask yourself when considering your next steps after living in first year accommodation. However, if you take into account everything discussed you will set yourself up for success in your second year home.

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