Demand from New Tenants Returns to Lettings Market

As the UK's economy is now fully open with a strong jobs market, demand for properties to let has seen an increase in demand from new tenants. Two separate reports show that new entrants to the UK's letting market are on the rise, in addition to existing tenants moving to a new home.

Rent Guarantor Oct 19, 2021

Best Returns on Student HMOs Come from Cities with just One University

For property investors searching for their first or next opportunity, student properties can offer a good yield and sometimes at an affordable initial purchase price. However, even if you think student properties are a good option, it's not always easy to know which town or city would be the best location for your investment. However, some recent research suggests that for the most part, its cities or towns with just one university that can generate the best returns.

Rent Guarantor Oct 12, 2021

BTR Landlords Welcome Pets in Their Lets

As pets remain popular among people living across the UK, Build-to-Rent (BTR) developers are increasingly offering pet friendly homes to potential tenants. With the Private Rental Sector (PRS) typically considered to less fond of pets, this finding in recent research that almost 50% of BTR openly welcome pets is sure to be good news for many tenants in the lettings sector.

Rent Guarantor Sep 28, 2021
Building Construction

How a Mixture of Old and New Developments Will Drive the Future of the UK's Lettings Industry

It's no secret that the past 18 months have been testing for the UK's lettings industry but now, even as government rental reforms are being finalised it’s becoming clear that the future success of the sector will require a mixture of the old and the new. Industry experts and professionals have recently shared their plans and views highlighting that while there's a clear appetite from all involved for more technologically driven options, the use and redevelopment of existing properties is also essential in the provision of rental homes.

Rent Guarantor Sep 21, 2021